The production of a premium vodka is a diverse and difficult process, where attention to every detail takes on special significance. The key ingredients in vodka production are water, spirit and professional, but once in every generation or so an innovative technique is developed to elevate an outstanding product to a transcendent level. For SEDNA Vodka that technique is the filtration of the water-alcohol mixture. The unique lava rock filtration has been conducted in a state of the art metal cylindrical vessel filled up with volcanic rocks. It is then followed by an activated carbon filtration system. The charcoal not only possesses high absorption capacity and improves the taste of the vodka but also softens the all too familar hangover.

SEDNA vodka, filtered through the lava rocks and charcoal, possesses a mild velvety taste, and smooth aroma. In order to guarantee crystal clearness and splendid brightness, our vodka has been additionally filtered through a 0.2 micron filter prior to bottling.

SEDNA vodka is quadruple distilled and possesses a purity that is above all present vodkas, due to the unique process developed by our Master Distiller. Our process is much longer and consequently removes all wild alcohols and makes the final beverage with the purest of alcohols. This is clean and crisp with no impurities common in most vodkas.

Our bottles are fully printed in Canada with bold colours and Inuit motifs . The printing directly on the bottles is very attractive. SEDNA Vodka has a very beautiful bottle that is eye catching. We recognized that one must take special care to make the packaging as unique as the product inside the bottle.

Developed by Sedna Vodka